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Turn Your Home’s Exterior Into a Bold Showcase With Landscape Lighting

Turn your home’s exterior into a bold showcase with landscape lighting that draws the eye to features like fountains, ponds, gardens, patios, and pergolas – even your favorite trees.

Landscape Lighting

Lighting a property requires multiple strategies layered together. Before a single fixture is installed, most landscape designers will sketch the entire property to help them estimate distances for wire runs. Contact Elegant Custom Images Inc for professional help.

The look of a home can change dramatically with the use of landscape lighting, which highlights design elements and creates an inviting atmosphere after dark. This heightened usability extends the appeal of in-demand outdoor spaces and adds value to a property.

Illuminating entranceways, driveways and paths allows visitors to navigate a property safely after the sun goes down. This helps prevent trespassing and falls and reduces liability issues for homeowners. It also discourages burglary by ensuring that intruders are not easily visible to neighbors or passersby.

A well-lit property can make it easier to distinguish the different areas of a yard and identify their purposes, and it can enhance the visual aesthetic of even the most modest homes. It can also highlight features that may be overlooked during the day, such as a statue or water feature.

Uplighting is a popular and affordable way to highlight the beauty of a home or a specific landscaping feature. The uplighting effect accentuates the natural shape of trees, water features and other plants, as well as the architectural details of a home’s pillars, rockwork, dormers and other decorative elements.

Using a series of lights to create a moonlight effect is another simple and effective way to enhance the curb appeal of a property. This softer lighting is warm and welcoming to guests, making them feel welcome to visit a property and reducing the feeling of vulnerability that lingers in dark spaces.

A house that appears shrouded in darkness has little to no appeal, and this lack of visibility can be off-putting for guests. Increasing the amount of light along walkways and pathways creates a safe environment for guests to move around, and it also deters burglars because intruders prefer to hide in darker spaces where they can be unnoticed by neighbors.

Adding landscape lighting can elevate the appearance of any property. Professionally installed lighting highlights the beauty of the landscape, accents key design elements and increases the usability of a space well into the night. It’s an excellent investment that can be enjoyed for years to come, and it will continue to pay off as the value of a property increases.


When it comes to landscape lighting, many people envision beautiful illuminations that accentuate or highlight a home’s architecture, water features or ornamental landscaping. And that’s a great use of this style of outdoor lighting, but the benefits of landscape lighting extend beyond beauty to safety and security as well.

A dark yard is a potential hazard for family members and guests when they are walking around after sunset or at nighttime. A misjudged step or tripping over an uneven patch of ground can result in injuries that may be serious in some cases. Landscape lighting can help mitigate tripping hazards by providing plenty of light to illuminate walkways, stairs and porches.

During the winter months, a good lighting plan becomes even more important. The shorter daylight hours increase the risk of someone trespassing on your property, which is why it’s so important to have proper lighting throughout your landscaping to deter criminal interest. A well-lit yard is also beneficial to guests visiting for the holidays or a social gathering as it makes your guests feel safe and helps them navigate around your home.

When determining your lighting needs, consider why you need the area lit and how often it will be used. For example, a lighting scheme that’s used frequently for parties will need a higher voltage capability than one that is only used during the day for natural sunlight. This ensures that you’re not over-using your transformer and causing the bulbs to burn out quickly.

When selecting the components for your landscaping lighting, choose high-quality fixtures that are rated for outdoor use. Low-quality fixtures will not last as long, especially in the colder temperatures, and they’ll also be more prone to electrical problems caused by moisture. For additional peace of mind, invest in a smart landscape lighting system like Kichler’s Smart Landscape Lighting which works with your voice or mobile device to digitally control your lights.


Whether you’re hosting guests or relaxing after a long day, landscape lighting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for your yard. Lights can highlight your home’s architecture, draw attention to a beautiful garden or water feature, and make entertaining at night possible. The lighting industry is advancing and creating more exciting options for homeowners looking to add some extra flair to their yard.

The right landscape lighting design shows your neighbors that you take pride in your property and want to share it with those around you. Illuminating your unique features, such as a beautiful tree, fountain, or garden, will give your yard the perfect finishing touch and set you apart from other homes in the neighborhood.

You’ll also save on energy costs with a landscape lighting system that uses low-wattage LED bulbs. This means that you can enjoy your landscape features after dark without worrying about skyrocketing energy bills.

In addition to reducing your utility costs, landscape lighting can improve the safety of your family and friends after dark by illuminating walkways, stairs, and other areas where accidents could occur. A well-lit yard is also a deterrent to intruders and makes it more difficult for criminals to sneak up on your home.

Using different lighting techniques such as grazing, silhouetting, spotlighting, and moonlighting, a professional can help you create a safe and welcoming outdoor space for both family and guests. When selecting your fixtures, look for ones with adjustable lumen output so you can control the brightness of the light.

With all of the benefits of a well-lit landscape, it’s no wonder why more and more homeowners are opting to install this type of exterior lighting for their homes. If you’re interested in improving your own landscaping, contact a local landscaping company to see what they have to offer. They’ll be able to provide you with a free consultation and estimate. From there, you can decide what the best solution is for your unique needs.


Landscape lighting not only makes your outdoor space more functional, it’s also a gorgeous way to show off your property. It can be a statement piece that highlights special features like fountains, ponds, flower gardens and patios or even your favorite trees! And since it can be customized with a variety of styles from classic lanterns to brightly colored orbs, there’s something for everyone.

The right lighting can make your home look warm, inviting and stunning after dark. It can transform your garden into a magical place to relax or entertain guests and will increase the value of your property.

A well-designed landscape lighting system will highlight and accent your outdoor spaces with a wide range of techniques such as grazing, silhouetting, highlighting, moonlighting and washing. Grazing is used to create shadow effects on textured surfaces and can be achieved by using spot lights, low-voltage flood lights or hardscape lighting. Moonlighting is done by positioning a light high in the trees to catch the details of branches and leaves for a soft moonlight effect. Washing is used to add a uniform glow to building facades or long rows of shrubbery.

Another way to add a touch of drama to your landscape is with uplighting. This technique involves positioning a light at the base of a tree or building to illuminate the crown. It’s also used to highlight an architectural feature, tree trunk or a unique branch shape.

With so many benefits to landscape lighting, it’s no wonder that more and more homeowners are embracing the idea of making their yard the star of the show at night! With a little creativity and planning, your outdoor living spaces can become a beautiful showcase and make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. And if you’re thinking about selling your property, the right landscape lighting will also increase its value! If you’re interested in learning more about how landscape lighting can beautify your home, contact us today. We’re experts at creating the perfect design for your property. We can’t wait to see what you have in store for your landscape!